UCJC, ESAYT, Architectural Projects
Levels I-II 
2013-14 International Workshop

Start: 2014 February   


Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho, Phd Architect. ESAYT (Madrid)

Exercise 0: Communicating Object

The students will have to design their own porfoleo as an object, exploring the transition between data and its material expression.

Exercise 1: Productive Landscape 

An approach to collective space for renovating free areas of the UCJC college campus. The students will produce hundred of ideas for an internal exhibition.

Exercise 2: The Density of Boundaries

The cottage as minimum expression of dwelling. The work will be focus on some of the most important architectural topics and its relationship to the boundaries: the entrance, the window, the ground, the roof, the intermediate levels end the eye level, space, distances, measurements, textures, reflections or vibrations.

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